Dethatching Your Lawn

Dethatching your lawn is not a common task, and many lawns only need it occasionally as long as they’re being aerated about once per year.  Because this is a somewhat invasive process, you do not want to do it more often than necessary. But if your lawn really needs it, doing so may make the difference between a verdant bed of grass and a languishing lawn. So what is thatch, and how do you know when you’ve got too much of it? Thatch Buildup Right above your lawn’s topsoil, there…

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Fall Lawn Care Tips for Texas

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There has been a perception by many homeowners that lawns require little attention in the fall simply because the growth of grass is low. However, this is not the case. In this period, the grass is identified with the absorption of energy, nutrients, and moisture for the preparation of the winter. This implies that this is the ideal time to prepare your lawn. For a healthy, lush spring lawn it is imperative to give attention to your lawn by to following tips below. Keep on mowing It is good and…

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