Pre-emergent Fertilizing Tips in Fall Season

Lots of people think that they don’t need to do much when caring for their yard during the fall season because the grass does not grow that much during the season. But what most of them forget is that when you care for your lawn during fall, it makes it healthy and enables the grass to grow faster during spring.

The summer seasons are the most difficult moments for lawns in the North Texas area. When it’s hot, your garden uses lots of nutrients from the soil. It will be so bad if your weak grass and plants during fall season enter the winter season having weak roots because it will be hard to survive and grow back during spring.

Therefore it’s essential to replenish your lawn with the lost nutrients to avoid any difficulty in survival and growth of your grass.

The following are some of the North Texas pre-emergent tips for lawn in fall:

Watering and mowing

Regular watering and mowing of your garden help in maintaining healthy roots. It will be so important to drop the mower blade to the nearest level particularly in the last two cuttings of the year to ensure that sunlight penetrates the crown and no leaf will turn brown when winter knocks.

Applying Pre-Emergent Fertilizer

Lawn fertilization during the fall season is the best way of ensuring that you give your roots and plants a big boost before winter. The grass in your garden slowly grows when it is a cold season, but the roots multiply. Therefore the fall season is the perfect time for you to apply a pre-emergent fertiliser to grow the roots and to prevent the weeds from surfacing during spring. The following are some ways of implementing the pre-emergent compost:

  • Spreading the manure by your hands: You can cover the fertilizer over your lawn manually using your hands. However, the problem is that by so doing you will be creating too much room for error since you might apply more fertilizer in some areas than others. Under fertilizing may not be a big issue but over-fertilization is such a huge concern.
  • Using spreaders: Applying fertilizer on your lawn require that every part of the garden has the same amount of manure. You can achieve that by using walk-behind spreaders with levers that enable you to set the exact amount of fertilizer in every part of the lawn.

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