Quality Sod Grass

Quality lawns start off with premium sod.  Allen Green Lawns uses three main type of sod (grass) grow well in the North Texas climates. There are quite a few other grasses available, but do not grow well in hot climates.   The most popular choices are:
  • Bermuda – A warm season perennial that has exceptional heat and drought tolerance.  Requires full and great for sandy soils with high salt content.
  • St Augustine – is a beautiful, popular warm-season lawn grass. St. Augustine has dark green grass with broad, flat blades that can form a thick, carpet-like surface.
  • Zoysia – A warm season, drought tolerant grass that can withstand extreme heat and tolerate cold weather.  Sun preferred, but can handle partial shade as well.

Installing New Sod

The sod installation process includes:
  • Removing the grass / turf.
  • Tilling up the top soil.
  • Adding new sod.
  • Roll the sod for best contact with the soil. (Roots can take hold and spread deep into the soil.)
Post installation requires verifying all sprinkler heads are operating correctly. Damaged sprinklers will be replaced. Allen Green Lawns will follow up with you after two weeks to see how the grass is progressing. Concerns? Questions are always welcomed.