Lawn Aeration

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Allen Green Lawns, Core aeration is needed when soils become compacted from having clay soils, heavy traffic or have accumulated large thatch build up.  The problem with having this in your soils is it prevents water and nutrients from absorbing into you soil.

Healthy and green grass must have deep roots. Without essential water, nitrogen and oxygen to absorb deep into your lawn, your grass cannot grow properly.  This allows for weeds and lawn disease to set into the shallow soils that will take vital nutrients away from your lawn

What is Core Aeration

Core aeration is the process of producing small holes throughout your lawn to allow for water and nutrient absorption deep into your soil.

Aerating your lawn loosens the soil, thus it’s not so compacted. With deeper soil absorption, your grass grows stronger roots.  There are many benefits for aerating your lawn.

  • Loosing the soil improves nutrient absorption and water intake.
  • Allows the roots of your grass to grow deeper and stronger.
  • Healthy roots will help produce a lush green lawn
  • Stronger grass roots block weed growth in shallower soils.
  • Deeper roots will grow stronger more resilient grass.
  • Stronger heat and drought tolerance.

Heavy thatch can also build up under your grass and create a layer of dead grass, leaves, and soil that prevents water and nutrients from trickling into the soil. Aeration is recommended for excessive thatch build up.  Quality aeration service is by Allen Green Lawns will snap your yard back into shape in no time.

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