Landscaping Design & Installation

Allen Green Lawns philosophy is that landscaping is a science and an art form.  Taking what features you have and creating a beauty and comfort to match your taste and lifestyle.  To maintain your lawn and garden you might have to fertilize your soil, or place trees and bushes along a fence.  Adding water features to accent your garden or patio, among any number of possible landscape combinations

Landscape Design

From a new home with just a plain lawn and and tree in the yard to homes with outdated landscaped features,  Allen Green Lawns can plan and design a landscape that will be functional and beautiful.`

Landscape Installation

Allen Green Lawns also take care of your landscape planting needs.
  • Installing plant features like garden beds, bushes and shrubs, trees.
  • Digging and placing pondless waterfalls, fish ponds and rain gardens.
  • Building retaining walls, firepits, and outdoors kitchens.

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