Full Service Lawn Maintenance

Our full service lawn maintenance not just lawn mowing.  Additionally, get aerating once per year and trimming shrubs and trees when needed.  Flower bed cleanup and weed control is also part of our maintenance package.

Additional Lawn Maintenance Services

There are times when your lawn has endured a long hot or cold season. When grass goes dormant it feeds off the soil until spring or fall to revive and grow green again.  Several factors can also impede your lawns growth:
  • Compacted Soil will slow down soil water retention and nutrient absorption.  Core Aeration and soil amendments are available to alleviate the compacted soils.
  • Fertilization and weed control service is recommended at least 2 to 4 time annually.  Replenishing your soils with nutrients will keep you lawn looking green.  Weed control to prevent weed infestations from happening when your lawn is stressed from heat, cold or lawn disease.

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