How to Water New Sod After Installation

One of the most important steps after installing new sod is watering often.  This process is not always as simple as one may think. This implies that if you don’t tread carefully in watering the new sod then heat from summer may deter from achieving what you want. It is high time you stop heat from deterring you from achieving the type of lawn you always aspire to have. As a result, flowing these watering new sod tips will act as a step in the right direction in quenching the thirst of your lawn:

Use a sprinkler

The sprinkler ensures that watering is done evenly in the entire lawn.  The sprinklers are relatively low costly coupled with the fact that it enhances effective watering of the new sod.  One of the sprinklers that is recommended in this case is an impact style sprinkler. This is premised on the fact that it covers a vast area compared to other styles.

Applying an inch of water

It is advisable to apply at least an inch of water to ensure that you are watering deeply. This means that you will be watering daily for the very first two weeks. One of the best ways of maintaining an inch of the water is placing a container that is empty, for instance a coffee can, in the area that is being watered.  Check how much time it takes your sprinkler to apply an inch into your can and that’s how long you need to run the sprinklers for.


In other instances where the area that is sodded is larger than what the sprinkler can cover, then it is important to move the sprinkler to other areas.  Implicit to this, is the need to have an overlap between these areas.

Do not hand water

Do not use your hand in watering new sod but instead use a sprinkler.  This is because you cannot effectively water the whole area you have sodded while standing. Alternatively soaking an entire area will make water percolate the new sod compared what it can use.  Of central importance is that the sod can only take ¾’’ of the root system and the soil.

Water deeply

To promote the deep growth of the roots it is advisable to water the sod deeply. This implies that watering which takes place for about 10-30 minutes is not enough. This promotes the shallow growth of the roots. Deep root will be pivotal during drought as it allows the grass plant access to more water stored in the ground.

Water in the morning

Watering in the morning is beneficial in avoiding issues with fungus which bred favorable in the humid conditions especially in the evening during summer. This practice is good in having the blades of the grass dry in the evening.

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