Fall Lawn Care Tips for Texas

There has been a perception by many homeowners that lawns require little attention in the fall simply because the growth of grass is low. However, this is not the case. In this period, the grass is identified with the absorption of energy, nutrients, and moisture for the preparation of the winter. This implies that this is the ideal time to prepare your lawn. For a healthy, lush spring lawn it is imperative to give attention to your lawn by to following tips below.

Keep on mowing

It is good and healthy to continue watering and mowing your lawn during fall. This will be followed by dropping the blade of the mower to the lowest level during the last two cuttings in the same year. This is pivotal in allowing more sunlight to penetrate the crown thus less leaf will be turning brown as the winter comes.

Aerate the soil

Aerating your lawn during the fall enables the water, oxygen, and fertilizer to reach the grassroots.  This you can achieve renting a walk behind lawn aerator which is powered by gas for $70 per day.   If one has a large yard for instance 3-4 acres it is advisable to hire a landscaping contractor if you don’t feel doing it for yourself.  Our aerating service is cheaper than renting an aerator.  Ask us for a quote.

Rake the leaves

Raking the leaves may sound boring and time-consuming, however, it is advisable to remove leaves that are fallen from the lawn as soon as possible. You should not wait for all the leaves to fall from the trees.  This makes the leaves to become wet, sticking together resulting to the impermeable mat which suffocates the grass and breeds the fungal disease if not moved.

Weed control

  It is high time to fight the weeds, In the event, broadleaf weeds such as the dandelions have taken control of your lawn. Weeds are usually associated with absorbing energy during the fall. In the similar vein, weeds are found of drinking everything together with weed killers. Thus it is advisable to apply herbicides to control weeds.

Fertilizer for the growth

Lawn fertilization in the fall is a great way to help your grass and plant roots stay strong before winter. This is because the leaves of the grass grow slowly as the weather is turning cool, unlike roots and rhizomes that grow quickly. Thus applying fertilizers is useful in delivering crucial nutrients enabling grass to grow deeper roots as well as keeping the nutrient reserve. 

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