Fall Landscaping Ideas for Texas

Fall is perceived to be one of the admirable seasons of the year. It is characterized by cooler weather identified with a general feeling of coziness. To take advantage of this cozy period, there are myriads of ideas that may be useful in accentuating your yard or home. Regardless of the size of your property, it is simple and easy to get into the season by using these great landscaping ideas.

Screen views

It is advisable to add mystery and depth to the landscape by use of small trees and the large shrubs. This is premised on the fact that you are unable to have an entire view of the yard from one spot. This will be creating an impression that your garden is going on and on. In this case, golden Japanese maple will be pivotal in helping you check out what is on the other side.

Include the evergreens

It is imperative to select a wide array of evergreens which is to be planted on the edges on the yard. This is pivotal in giving you a privacy which is year round as well as providing a beautiful backdrop for the other shrubs, flowers as well as trees that is bound to show brilliant fall color.

Paying attention to the plants’ habits

Plants are bound to develop different shapes in the process of growth. Some show narrow upright and narrow look compared to others that display moulded as well gracely weep like that of the Japanese maple. It is vital to make a combination of the various plant habits to keep the landscape more intriguing.

Repeat plant shapes

Repeating a specific plant shape is pivotal in building a theme in your landscape. For instance, the white pine which is upright columnar and the blue spruce will be echoing a narrow and tall arborvitae and layer of attractiveness at the background.

Appeal to the several senses

The use of a water feature in the landscape has the effect of filtering out the noises from the street coupled with making your yard achieve a secluded feeling. This can be made better by taking advantage of the reflective quality of the water by way of planting Japanese maples that are identified by displaying double color impact.

Add groundcovers

Adding a great groundcover can be achieved through reduction of the weed while at the same time creating a carpet of colours associated with hugging plants which displays a fall show. For instance, the use of cranberry cotoneters is known for offering dazzling frits displaying an attractive fall color.  Giving a blanket of colors below as well as celling of the leaves that are falling above has the impact of making your landscape interesting.

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