Evergreen Shrubs For Texas

shrub bush trimming allen txEvergreen shrubs are a fantastic choice for Texas landscaping. Not only are most of them tolerant to a variety of climates and weather conditions, but they will literally keep your yard looking green year-round. 

We’ve picked out a few of our favorites to share with you: 

Cherry Laurel

Also known as English Laurel, this shrub tends to thrive in warmer environments, making it a great candidate for our moderate North Texas climate. It produces bright white flowers, dark foliage, and small black berries. Keep in mind, however, that the berries are not considered safe to eat. 


Rosemary is wildly popular here in Texas, as it does well in warmer, drier climates and is fairly self-sufficient. You may well know that these spikey beauties are not only a great addition to your yard, but their tasty leaves are a great addition to your kitchen as well. The main caveat with growing rosemary is making sure its soil doesn’t get too wet or cold for extended periods.

Buford Holly

These guys come in both tree-height and “dwarf” versions, depending on the aesthetic you have in mind. Their dramatic, drooping cultivars are an eye-catcher, and they produce those classic red berries in the winter season. Buford hollies thrive in full or partial sun with mildly acidic soil. They need minimal pruning and prefer full or partial sun exposure. 


These beauties thrive in a wide range of climates, but you need to keep in mind that not all varieties are classed as an evergreen. Generally, azalea shrubs bloom in the spring and have an abundance of dense, leathery foliage. As avid growers, they do require regular pruning or else they will begin to look a bit “wild.” 


For a classic evergreen look with a boost of wonderful fragrance, juniper shrubs are a great option. They’re incredibly versatile in their growth patterns, with those grown as trees growing up to 100 feet high, while others are groomed as low-lying ground covers. Juniper is also available in a variety of colors, and will happily adorn rocky terrains that are otherwise difficult to cultivate.


Abelia shrubs are prized for their colorful foliage, low-maintenance care, and stunning tube-like flowers that bloom multiple times per year. The leaves are typically bright red during the warmer season, and settle into a deeper hue as winter approaches. They require full or partial sunlight and may lose some foliage in the fall as a partial evergreen.

Mugo Pine

These squat, needle-y evergreens bear a slight resemblance to rosemary, but with a brighter green foliage. Sturdy and drought resistant, they make a great choice for drier climates and rock gardens. Mugo pines are slow growers, but with some patience, you will have a hardy shrub that stands well on its own or as an accent to more ornate landscaping.  

Pieris Japonica

This bold beauty is truly unique with its showy urn-shaped blossoms and colorful foliage. Some even produce bright red bract-like leaves that slightly resemble those of a poinsettia. They can be cultivated in a variety of shapes and sizes, and prefer fairly dry soil conditions. 

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