Evergreen Shrubs For Texas

shrub bush trimming allen tx

Evergreen shrubs are a fantastic choice for Texas landscaping. Not only are most of them tolerant to a variety of climates and weather conditions, but they will literally keep your yard looking green year-round.  We’ve picked out a few of our favorites to share with you:  Cherry Laurel Also known as English Laurel, this shrub tends to thrive in warmer environments, making it a great candidate for our moderate North Texas climate. It produces bright white flowers, dark foliage, and small black berries. Keep in mind, however, that the berries…

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Fall Landscaping Ideas for Texas

fall landscaping ideas texas

Fall is perceived to be one of the admirable seasons of the year. It is characterized by cooler weather identified with a general feeling of coziness. To take advantage of this cozy period, there are myriads of ideas that may be useful in accentuating your yard or home. Regardless of the size of your property, it is simple and easy to get into the season by using these great landscaping ideas. Screen views It is advisable to add mystery and depth to the landscape by use of small trees and…

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